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This deep penetration provides a mechanism for reaching unwanted structures within the skin, such as hair follicles, clogged glands (causing acne), veins, and pigmentation. The colour of the structures (such as the red in veins, or pigmentation in hair or freckles) attracts and absorbs light of different wavelengths depending on the colour. The deep cleaning requires proper care and we will make sure that you get the best quality of permanent laser hair removal in Belmont. We have the best team in the market taking care of the permanent hair removal in the area. At times, you will not get the hair removal done properly and we will make sure that you find a permanent solution with the amount of money you are spending. You spend a lot of money and do not get the result whatsoever and that is where the importance of the most experienced people comes into the picture. Call us and book an appointment today!

Why You Should Choose Us For Permanent Laser Hair Removal in Belmont, North Shore

Our machines are specially designed to have a variety of settings depending on what we are targeting, providing safe and specific ways of reaching only the structures that are considered problematic. The IPL system of hair removal is the most advanced form of hair removal technology on the market today. This safe, effective, and non-invasive method gives permanent hair reduction for all parts of the body. We are well known permanent laser hair removal salon in Belmont, North Shore. Therefore, you can count on us to avail the best treatment.

IPL Hair Removal Technology

The Intense Pulse Light machine emits very small amplitude wavelength light through a crystal sapphire head. The light penetrates deep into the skin reaching all the way to the inner layer (known as the subcutaneous layer or hypodermis).


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