Eyebrows Microblading In Northshore Making All The Difference

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Gone are the days of super-thin, fine brows. These days the thicker the brows- the better it looks. Microblading is the most popular ways to beautify your arches. Eyebrows microblading in Northshore is essentially a semi-permanent makeup tattoo. Microblading your eyebrows might seem like a brave new world, but in reality it’s a treatment that could save you a lot of time. By using the handheld tool and application of ink with hair like strokes, a certified technician at Elnaz Beauty Spa is able to add life to your brows.

The effects of microblading can last upto1- 2 years, depending on the skin types, after which the pigment fades, leaving the skin & your natural brows exactly as they were. The results are natural and lifelike, giving the brows a natural look. We offer vascular treatment in North shore & laser solutions that allow effective treatment of vascular lesions.

  • How Permanent Is Microblading?

    It is important to visit health & beauty therapy clinic in Belmont like Elnaz Beauty Spa, specializing in semi-permanent make-up and microblading. Depending on how thick and full you want your eyebrows to look and how well you stick to the suggested aftercare guidelines, microblading can last upto one to three years.

    Eyebrows Microblading

  • How Much Does Eyebrow Microblading Cost?

    Whenever you opt for the best Eyebrow threading or Microblading for Eyebrows in Northshore, you obviously make it a point to shell out good deal of money for the procedure. Different parlors charge different for the microblading procedure. At Elnaz Beauty Spa we try to protect your newly shaped brows. Post microblading procedure, it is important to keep the brows as dry as possible. Since there is no water around the brow area, this results in the ink being washed out from the skin. We suggest avoiding hot and humid weather, which will cause to sweat and push the ink out of the skin.

  • Benefits:
    • Longevity: The ink lasts 1-3 years depending on your skin type and how well you take care of your brows.
    • Time Saver: No more money and time spent on filling in your brows with hard-to-master products. You will now have perfectly coiffed brows for years to come.

    • Semi-permanent: Even though this process will last at least a few years, you aren’t committed to something as permanent as a full tattoo of your brows. If future trends change (shape, fullness, arch), you don’t have major regrets!

    • Relatively painless: You do feel the first round of microblading, but if you’ve ever had a tattoo, it’s not anything you can’t handle. Once your artist applies the numbing cream, you won’t feel a single thing!

    • Natural: The microblading technique is comprised of lots of tiny hair-like strokes so they look super natural, and fill out any sparse areas in your natural brows. No caked-on powders or pomades – just a little brow gel is needed to lock your actual hairs in place!

Can There Be Any Side Effects?

It is very important for your body to reject the ink, so that you can experience up to 60-80 percent rejection. Post 10 days of healing, exfoliation is suggested over the area twice a week to lower the pigment.



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